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Hair by Michaela is a small business located in Bellingham, WA

Michaela is a local hair stylist. She currently works in a salon and takes additional appointments as a freelance stylist. In both cases, she is responsible for client scheduling and payments.

Michaela wanted a portfolio website that showed her work and amplified the brand she had been focused on building via social media. We set out to build her a digital space that marketed her as a down-to-earth stylist with a personal touch.

Desktop version of Michaela's website

My Role

Design and develop a landing page to market her business and funnel clients (new and existing) to a payment portal


  • Provide clients a primary point of contact to schedule and pay
  • Advertise services, pricing, & availability outside of social media
  • Broaden the client base by eliminating the "social media middle man"

Overview & outcomes

When we started, all business operations, communications, and advertisements were happening in social media messenger tools. Not only was this stressful for the business owner, but it also led to inconsistent and confusing experiences for her clients.

Michaela needed a website so that she can manage and market to clients on her terms. Based on these needs, we identified two groups of users.

Existing clients needed a quick, consistent way to access her booking tool and payment portal. Additionally, Michaela could share information quickly and broadly, all in one spot. This came in handy during the beginning of the COVID19 pandemic.

Potential clients needed to learn about Michaela, what she offers, and what it costs. Additionally, new clients can register and book directly from her portal.

Since January of 2020, both sets of clients are being pointed directly to her website.

Because of ease-of-access, she spends less time chasing payments and more time cutting bangs! The advertisement has also simplified - she no longer spends her time sending galleries of work to potential clients on social media. Her most recent work is available right on her landing page!

Eventually, Michaela will want to further integrate her booking and payment portal into additional pages on her website.

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